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Sunday, 18 January 2015

Must blog...must blog...must blog

So it's been nearly 2 years since my last post - sorry! That sorry is to myself! I intended this to be a form of 'therapy' to get my thoughts and feelings and memories 'out'.

So new year 2015 my resolution will be to write.......

Let's start with an observation.

My serious son smiling without a care in the world lit up my heart this weekend.

He is 10, a mature 10 and has a serious streak just like his Dad. Sometimes I think he looks a bit fed up (a lot of the time actually) so when a friend sent me a picture of him, dressed up as Snow White (!) at a birthday sleep over last night but heart burst! He was young, carefree, having fun, not caring what his mates thought - they were being daft together!

I'm going to do everything I can to draw out some more of those killer smiles this year......

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Survival of the fittest....

We did it - survived the two week Easter break! I feel like a big pat on the back is due as it was a fortnight that saw a birthday, a 10 year wedding anniversary, a major press announcement for a client and two little boys with endless energy and curiosity!

When it comes to juggling my career and my family I do have it pretty 'easy' - being self employed I can set my own schedule. However, whilst I don't have a 'boss' to keep happy I do have clients and colleagues. I joined a new networking group over the holiday period and have got some exciting new leads for projects - one of the members presumed I didn't have children as I'd attended a meeting in the school holidays....she was quite impressed when I said I in fact did have small people at home.

To grow a successful business it is impossible to down tools completely for the 13 weeks a year when the children are at home - I'm lucky that my boys are sociable and sporty so booking them onto some courses in the holidays isn't a big deal. It allows me to keep everyone happy and it is completely without dread that I look forward to the 6-week summer break which isn't too far around the corner!

Friday, 5 April 2013

Such a good juggler...maybe I should join the circus

When I decided to work for myself my children were nursery age - I worked 3 days a week, dropped them off at 8 and picked them up at 5. They'd been fed and entertained all day, it was, dare I say it, easy!

Fast forward to today and my boys are both school age and shock horror, there are 13 weeks a year when there is no school! We get by on a mix of camps, sports clubs and of course dear Grandparents helping out but my goodness, is it a juggle.

As my business partner and friend pointed out to me today, we are working in the most flexible way possible - we dictate our own hours and workloads but there are still regular clients to service and admin to get done.

And of course, there are my wonderful sons who are fab company.... I want to spend the holidays with them. With my 8 year old I can already sense the 'I'd rather be with my mates playing footie' vibe so I want to cling on to these happy carefree days of visits to the farm, the park,  the pool so that I can look back in a few years time with happiness, not wishing I hadn't been to this meeting or that, or locked myself in the loo to take another work call!

So to all you working parents out there (and I know Dad's juggle too!) hats off to you and as it's Friday night why not enjoy a glass or two of whatever takes your fancy.

For me it's Prosecco...well there's a successful weeks' juggling to celebrate!

Claire x

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Farm fun!

So Bucklebury Farm was a big success - the boys all had a ball (5 of them aged 5,6,7,8 & 9!) and the Mummy's got to sit in the sun, catch up & chat about old days (our friendship spans 25 years!)

Highly recommend this as a day out and look forward to many more this holiday

Holiday fun

My boys are 8 and almost 6 and when planning holiday fun I start to think how much longer they will think a day at the farm is exciting!

We have been keen not to encourage too many video games and as we have a dog we as a family are more outdoorsie than many but I am aware than in not too many years spending the day with their old mum, bottle feeding lambs may not cut the mustard!

So I make the most of these days and am looking forward to a day at Buckle hey Farm!

Monday, 1 April 2013

Triple salco anyone?

Well for any parents out there looking for something new to do with the kids....give ice skating a try! We had the best morning at Absolute Ice in Slough. Dan and I stayed upright (just!) and the boys were so brave and determined. Evan reminded me of a gangly baby giraffe! He stuck at it though and after an hour, and with very soggy trousers from many many falls, he got it and was grinning from ear to ear.

Little Gabriel started with a penguin but soon found his groove and 'ran' around the ice with gusto!

Great fun, great exercise and great family time!

Claire x

Ps. Couple of Dancing on Ice pros on the ice at the same time as us made it look way too easy!

I wonder if I can type with my toes?

We are taking the children ice skating, making me wonder if I can 'toe type'....y'know just incase any fingers are spliced!!

The last time I skated my husband flailed around like he was pretending to be really badly balanced, my Dad was seen crawling from the centre of the ice to the edge and my brother had the raving hump because he just couldn't get it!

So it might not be Gabriel who get's the penguin to help but me........I'll update later!

Claire x